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Default Re: Would you rather have Chris Paul or Dwight Howard?

The only thing keeping this close for me is Paul's health concerns.

To me Chris Paul has been the best point guard in the league these past seasons. I guess he has been outplayed by Rose this season, but Chris Paul looking that great in a league that has no shortage of other great point guards reassures me of his value. This is a great player who with his great basketball IQ should be able to lead a franchise for another decade at least, barring health issues.

Dwight Howard looks like a man amongst boys out there, but we can all agree that these past years have been an exceptionally weak era for centers in the NBA. If these next couple of years a few real center prospects pop up, Howard might not look like the real deal anymore.

And Dwight Howard is a short center, pair that with his not all that refined basketball skills and you have a player who probably isn't going to age very well. Not saying that he'll be useless, but I do feel he will develop into a lesser star/role player relatively early in his career.

But hey, I'll take either in a hart beat. Trade any three players on the team.
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