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Default Re: Rumor says 2011 NBA Summer League might be canceled

The NBA, facing the possibility of a work stoppage, has canceled this year's Las Vegas summer league and will not run its annual college internship program, the New York Daily News reported, citing league sources.

The league is also not sending any teams to Europe for training camp and has not scheduled any preseason games there, according to the report.

The collective bargaining agreement between the NBA and the players union expires June 30 and there have not been formal talks between the two sides in months.

The summer league usually starts in July, while the internship program, at the league offices in New York and the league's entertainment division in Secaucus, N.J., lasts 10 weeks, according to the report.

The NBA, which says more than half of its teams are losing money, has proposed instituting a hard salary cap, as well as shorter contract lengths and non-guaranteed deals.

Last month, union executive director Billy Hunter said a hard cap would effectively end guaranteed contracts. "We've had that right for years, and it's not something we're trying to give up," he said.

Information from senior writer Henry Abbott was used in this report.
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