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Default Re: Would you rather have Chris Paul or Dwight Howard?

Originally Posted by Timmeh
I'd rather have Dwight Howard - easily, though I wouldn't complain if CP signed with us.

Here's why. Positions 1-4 are dime a dozen in this league. I mean, just in the few years we've been a franchise, look at the list of good players we've had that can play solid ball.

PG: Boykins, Felton, Augustin, and Keith Bogans (who is playing solid ball right now for I think Chicago), Brevin Knight, Eddie House
SG: SJAX, Raja Bell, Shannon Brown, Larry Hughes, Hendo, JRich
SF/PF: Wallace, Jared Dudley, Diaw, Herrmann, Juwon Howard, Najera, Vlad Rad, TT
C: Chandler, Nazr, Okafor

Look at how small the list of centers are compared to the other solid players we've had. Give me Dwight Howard with anyone from that list of other players and we're easily 10-12 better than we are now, if not more.

Did you seriously put those players under "good players"?

Players worse than current Kwame Brown that you list under good players: Dudley, Herrmann, ancient Juwan Howard, Najera, Radmanovic, Shannon Brown, Larry Hughes, Eddie House, Bogans, Boykins, Raja Bell.
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