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Default XBox 360

wow. my Xbox 360 lasted all of 8 days. I've been busy the last week so I'm guessing I only played it ....maybe 20-30 minutes tops. 1 reason is I haven't had any games to play on it. It came with Moto GP 06, but haven't really had the time yet to sit down and play. Just got Madden today. So I and turned it on to play some Madden, and it froze up a couple minutes into playing it. turned it off, and then it wouldn't even load the game. Would just come to the green Xbox screen and then just freeze. It's not the disc, because I just opened that earlier today. Took the disc out anyways, and the dashboard wouldn't even load. I know that these things produce some heat, so i made sure it had plenty of ventilation around it. So I didn't think it was overheating or anything. Called Xbox customer service and the woman said that it sounded like it had a major software error, and that since it was so new, just take it back to the store.

Luckily, they exchanged it. Let's hope this one lasts just a tad longer than 8 days. Now I'm wondering if I really should have bought one. I read on some site today that a lot of people have been having "red ring of death" errors meaning hardware failure. These things must not have too much durability.
If this one acts up, I'm going back to Sony and getting the PS3.
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