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Default Re: 2011 NBA Playoffs Round 1: Mavericks vs Trail Blazers

Originally Posted by Out_In_Utah
This is why Dallas should be viewed as the favorites. Also, Portland is very inconsistent and less experienced in the playoffs. Playoffs are a different ball game than the regular season, so what happened in the regular season is meaningless in this series.

Yeah you my be right. I don't care if we're underdogs. I just remember we were the 4 seed against Houston and I felt even though Houston was a 5 seed they had the edge. If Brandon Roy didn't play like Jordan in a few of those games that could have been a sweep. So seeding doesn't always mean much.

As for experience, Batum kicked as last year for us. Rudy can't possibly be any worse. Matthews had to guard Kobe and Melo last year. I think he will be very valuable as far as experience goes.

These playoffs should be awesome because there's greater upset chances in every western series.
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