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Default Re: 2011 NBA Playoffs Round 1: Thunder vs Nuggets

Most important thing to determine the series will be what the health situation is for the Nuggets. AA has been out of commission for quite some time and didn't look too good when he was on and he's a pretty important piece. Throw in Nene got hurt, Lawson got hurt, Gallo has been banged up. How healthy the Nuggets are will decide weather or not the Thunder demolishes them or if the Nuggets put up a fight.

Anyways if Denver is in good shape I'll say OKC in 6. I wouldn't be surprised to see Denver upset tho. We've got Kenyon\Gallo\AA\Chandler to throw at Durant. Ty\Felton\AA to throw at Westbrook. If Ty\Felton play there best we can overcome the advantage the Thunder has at the PG slot. When you look at the games where both play 30 minutes and both are on there games it's pretty crazy the production they can produce.

I think Denver will have trouble stopping OKC's run and counterproducing it. Doesn't matter how good you guard Durant he's going to off sometimes no matter what. When OKC goes on those 10-15 points, I don't think Denver can consistently match it. Denver has no trouble putting up 100+ points, more along the lines of can they score at the right times and the times they need to and they lack the player to do that where as OKC has two of them.

Interesting to see how OKC comes out of the gate tho. Never won a playoff series, and there only series they have been in they were HUGE underdogs with no expectations. Now people expect them to make noise, the attention will be on them. Those two first home games I'm curious to see how Durant\Westbrook react. Weather or not they try to take over, fade away, step up etc. because those first two games are looked at as games OKC should take without question.

I'm just hoping Denver can get healthy. It'll be a good series. Should see some good physical play too. I imagine we'll see a few scrums with K-Mart and Ibaka as well as Nene and Perkins.
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