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Default Re: 2011 NBA Playoffs Round 1: Magic vs Hawks

Since none of you guys have ever watch a Hawks game unless It's against the Celtics, Heat, or Lakers, I'll go in more depth.

Hawks do have an answer for Dwight unlike last year. The answer is to keep switching Centers. There are plenty of centers on our team that can pester dwight one on one, like Jason Collins and Etan Thomas. Last year, you had to keep switching on dwight. Also, how are the magic better this year? you can't be serious. Not even the record is better. Magic were better with Pietrus, Carter, Lewis, and Gortat. GTFO with that bs.

Hawks regular season is 3 - 1 with hawks 3. Last year It was 3 - 1 with magic 3.

+ Isos aren't called for Joe 24/7 like last season. Honestly, I think Al Horford going to abuse whoever is at PF. No one on Magic can guard Joe Johnson, especially not Jason Richardson. Marvin will have step up D on Hedo, but I doubt Hedo will get any touches really. Kirk and Gilbert are a pretty good match-up honestly.

I love how people are saying Magic will sweep Hawks like they are as good as last year. Yeah, learn so basketball or something. Hawks are essentially the same team as last year with a few additions. Joe hasn't regressed, hes just not getting the ball about 85% like last season. Watch, Hawks win game 1, lose game 2, lose game 3, win game 4, lose game 5, win game 6, win game 7.
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