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Default Re: 2011 NBA Playoffs Round 1: Thunder vs Nuggets

Wow, I'd love to watch every West Conference Playoffs series this season! Each team is very close and this matchup is no exception.

I believe Nuggets have the deepest and most balanced roster in the NBA. Maybe they don't have a superstar but they don't have any poor player either. Both teams are doing great lately and it's not easy to predict the winner of these series. Lawson is a very quick PG but he lacks size. How he is going to do on Westbrook is going to be the key. Another problem is Gallinari defending Durant. Denver on the other hand have various weapons and play great defensively esp on their home court. Their bench is excellent too. OKC have been playing together for a while and have some playoff experience. This is going to be very close and I think if Nuggets manage to get an extra win they can win it but OKC have some slight edge.

My prediction: OKC 4:3 Denver

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