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Default Re: 2011 NBA Playoffs Round 1: Magic vs Hawks

Originally Posted by Hotlantadude81

-They have the best player in the series
-They have the better coach
-They care more
-They have more depth
-They have better PG's
-They have home court advantage
-They have the better record

Why the Hawks will lose:

-NOBODY had a good year for them.
-They have no depth
-No big men
-No passion for the game
-No post game
-No offense
-They have the lowest team IQ in the league
-No depth
-Don't get the free low line (20 attempts per game? Yikes!)
-They lack confidence
-No home crowd support
-Mediocre defense

That should cover most of it.

The HAWKS have no depth? WTF? Orlando has NO bigs.
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