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Default Re: 2011 NBA Playoffs Round 1: Magic vs Hawks

Originally Posted by Hotlantadude81

-They have the best player in the series
-They have the better coach
-They care more
-They have more depth
-They have better PG's
-They have home court advantage
-They have the better record

Why the Hawks will lose:

-NOBODY had a good year for them.
-They have no depth
-No big men
-No passion for the game
-No post game
-No offense
-They have the lowest team IQ in the league
-No depth
-Don't get the free low line (20 attempts per game? Yikes!)
-They lack confidence
-No home crowd support
-Mediocre defense

That should cover most of it.

Sayin all the negatives for one team and all the positives for the other team would make your argument seem compelling and correct...

But the magic lives and dies by the 3...
And the hawks have no heart...

Its either going to be one or the other in this series...

Who knows...
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