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Default Re: 2011 NBA Playoffs Round 1: Magic vs Hawks

Originally Posted by MrUnstopable
Just because the Magic are "less consistent" does not mean they are not a better team from last year.

Uhhh, yeah thats exactly what it means! If they were better, they wouldnt have lost 7 more games this year than they did the last 2 years...

Originally Posted by MrUnstopable
Had the trade been made in the off season, Orlando would quite possibly be gearing up to face Indiana. Plus the strides Dwight has made in his game, couple that with J-Richs' clutchness and I think there is no doubt this team is better.

Dwight has made huge strides, but he's 1 man. Turk hasnt been any good, Redick hasnt played in nearly 20 games so he's probably going to be rusty, Bass is erratic as hell and never met a shot he didnt like, Gortat is gone so if Howard gets in foul trouble, we're in the shit. We are not better than last year. Less cohesiveness and less depth.

Originally Posted by MrUnstopable
Atlanta? Any logical fan will tell you they have no chance. Its funny how everytime theres a great player and someone (Collins?!?!?!?!?) performs well against them, that player becomes the remedy for that teams problems Nelson is going to go off along with Richardson. Howard is going to get his, and this could quite possibly be a sweep again.
Maybe so, and maybe it will be a sweep, but if we were so much better than ATL like you seem to think, why did we shit out and lose 3 of 4 to them this season?
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