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Default Re: 2011 NBA Playoffs Round 1: Spurs vs Grizzlies

We got a live one!

Originally Posted by Droid101
Without Manu, I'd say the Spurs are at a disadvantage.

Nah, Manu Ginobili was not the Spurs' lone advantage over the Grizzlies. He isn't worth 20 games over the lowly 8th seeded Grizz.

Duncan is a shadow of his former GOATPF self, but he will still take advantage of Z-Bo's pretend defense, and hang fouls on Gasol the Younger. Gasol won't be able to take advantage of the undersized Blair.

Tony Parker must be denied entry into the paint, but the Grizz don't have anyone to deter him, and Gasol is their only shot-blocker. Fergheddabout it.

R-Jeff and George Hill will step up in Ginobili's absence during game 1.

Moreover, speaking about the team in general, you must answer these two things:
  • Spurs are #1 in the league in threes (39.8% at 21 per game) and Grizzlies are weak at defending the 3point line (opponents hit 36.9%) which is almost the worst in the league.
  • Two, the Spurs get a lot of their offense w/ pick & rolls - Parker/Hill/Ginobili drive & kick out to snipers at the 3 point line. Allen & Battier need to step up here. Moreover, Memphis has been poor at defending the pick & roll, plus they do not close out on the open spot up shooters well.

Bottom line: Spurs do on offense what Grizzlies don't do well defending. And I have not mentioned the fact that without Gay, Grizz don't have enough scoring to make up for this deficit.
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