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Default Re: Pistons Finally Sold

Originally Posted by Kombo
Of Rip, Gordon, and CV, I think I'd want to move Gordon the most.

To be honest, I don't think he was ever give a fair shot, but I think we'll retain Stuckey. With Stuckey, I think he'd reall be an ideal 6th man, the role Gordon was supposed to play.

Stuckey would be one of the best backup guards in the game, and has proven the ability to get to the line and score. If he first rotates in at the 2, he has proven the ability to go into attack mode and get to the line if the team needs it. However, for this to happen we'd have to upgrade both guard positions. This won't happen for a while (I really wish we still had Afflalo).

I would love to see Gordon go. I agree he hasn't had the best opportunity here with the depth at SG, but I just don't see him as a guy to build around. He's got a salary that can get us plenty in return. Some other team would love to have him for a 6th man.

We'd need to have a really, really deep team in order for Stuckey to come off the bench. He's a starter on a lot of teams. I don't see us adding that kind of firepower over the course of one summer.
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