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Default Re: 2011 NBA Playoffs Round 1: Spurs vs Grizzlies

Spurs in 5-6 even if Manu doesn't play a single game in the series.

What a lot of the trolls who are posting here are forgetting is that both of the Grizzlies' wins against the Spurs came with the Spurs minus Tony Parker once, and once minus Tim Duncan. Manu is the best overall player on the team, but the Spurs can actually function without him. They cannot function normally with Timmy and Tony. Tony is the best ball handler, passer, and scorer. Timmy is the best post defender and post scorer, and he is the best defensive force on the team. Manu is essentially an added piece to put them over the top against great teams. Spurs can beat the Grizzlies minus Rudy Gay easily without Manu.

Spurs win in a 5-6 game series, depending on if/when Manu comes back for the series and/or if the Grizzlies take game 1 since Manu isn't playing. Spurs won't lose to that team unless Timmy or Tony misses games. The Spurs can easily beat the Grizzlies in Memphis, their home court is of no concern since they don't even have Gay. That said, Spurs won't beat the Thunder/Nuggets or Lakers/Mavs without Manu. But the Grizzlies? Please. They're not on the same level as the top 5 teams. Wishful thinking, haters.
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