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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by heyhey
are you kidding me? how can you not like Nick Diaz.

He's a disrespectful, whiny, arrogant, emo crybaby that throws temper tantrums. Seriously, why is he always mad? He acts like the world is out to get him, that he's overworked, underpaid, and a whole bunch of other whiny bullshit nobody cares to hear him cry about. He acts like he's under severe torture doing interviews, he says that training is hell, that he doesn't like fighting, and he complains about the money he's making. Why doesn't his emo ass stop fighting then?

His fights are too exciting for you or something.

Yeah, he has entertaining fights, but outside of that I see no reason to like him.

You prefer 25 mins of blanket supplied by GSP?

I like GSP and his fights. I'm not some halfwit casual fan that starts booing a fight whenever it hits the ground, and severely misuses 'LnP'. Is GSP a whiny, little emo that ducks any fighter with any semblance of wrestling while constantly crying about how he hates everything? Maybe Nick is different if you get to know him, but he gives off a very bad image, which is why he's not in the UFC.

Win or lose Nick Diaz is the most exciting fighter in the lower weight divisions not named BJ Penn.

There's other guys just as entertaining, but they're not emos who duck other fighters while acting arrogant as hell.

he's an top 5 fighter to boot.

He's not even top 5 in his own division.

stay mad tho

Sounds like you're mad that GSP actually faces legit competition and dominates them.
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