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Default Re: 2011 NBA Playoffs Round 1: Spurs vs Grizzlies

I've been waiting for the Grizz to make the PO's for 5 years now! I've had to watch a lot of shit basketball from some poor, poor teams. Finally, we've got a team that not only has made it to the PO's, but a team that looks like it could, potentially, push it to 7 games (that's a big ask though)

Now, ofcourse I'm gonna be rooting for my team, I want my team to go all the way, I want them to win, I want them to be the best. But, we're up against one of the best teams in the league.

I honestly think that the Grizz can push it to 6 games. Duncan (an absolutel favourite of mine) is a shell of his former self...obviously he coasts the season and steps it up post-season, but c'mon the dude is getting old and falling off track. The Spurs are no longer the Big 3, they're more like the Big 2 and a Half! And with Gino injured, that's just even more of an advantage to the Grizz, even with out Rudy!

Sure, the Grizz lack experience, but who gives a shit about experience in the first round. Experience comes into play later on when shit really matters. The first round is all about who wants it more and who's willing to go out there and throw a massive '**** you!' into the air. Which the Grizz are more than capable of doing. The Spurs can't do that, they've never been able to do that.

Being a Grizz fan, I'd say the Grizz in 7. However, being logical and all that shit, I'll say that the Spurs win in 6 and the Grizz gain some valuable experience and come back stronger next year.
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