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Default Re: How many wins? Predictions!

Originally Posted by lilbeastnani
Reggie Evans missed 52 games
Jose Calderon missed 14 games and was played through injury.
Bargnani missed 16 games and as always, played through injuries.
Barbosa has a serious wrist injury in addition to other injuries that he tried to play through and he missed 24 games.
Kleiza missed 43 games
Amir Johnson missed 12 games and was pretty much playing through pain all season.

So basically all of our best players other than Derozan were ravaged by serious injuries. Had all of them been moderately healthy, we could've definitely won 38 games. But the cards just didn't fall correctly for us this year.

Very well could be true, but I much rather have a high draft pick than get destroyed by Chicago in the first round.
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