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Default Re: 2011 NBA Playoffs Round 1: Thunder vs Nuggets

Originally Posted by OKCThunderUP
What happened throughout the season is irrelevant. You're not playing anyone else. Maybe OKC's bench isn't the best in the league, but if two games in the same week are any indication, they at least match up very well against Denver's bench. Considering they outplayed Denver's bench pretty drastically a couple of weeks ago, yes I'm very comfortable with them in a 7-game series. Without them, OKC likely loses both of those games to Denver.

How is it irrelevant? So were suppose to base everything on these two teams based on two games in one week? Ok. So if Gallo matches Durant in the first game would it be fair for me to assume till the next game that Gallo = Durant? Hypothetical of course.

Whatever doesn't much matter. Never said OKC bench couldn't hang. Just said Denver had the better bench and I'd trust that over a 7 game series. Just like I'd trust the better team to win most of the time, much like I predicted OKC in 6.

OKC with the two best players on the floor and the comparable\better bench. Denver's only advantage coming into this thing was there depth\bench so guess were looking at a SWEEP!
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