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Default Re: Would you rather have Chris Paul or Dwight Howard?

Originally Posted by LJJ
The first two teams you listed have a top two player from our team at every position except for Radmanovic. Yes, those were the good players, I was more talking about the other players on those lists. The second one is more like it; Shannon Brown and Eddie House were both huge scrubs when they played for Charlotte.

Are you telling me

Keith Bogans (10ppg 38%, 3 apg)
Larry Hughes (8ppg 32%)
Jared Dudley (6ppg, 4rpg)
Vladimir Radmanovic (8ppg 40%, 3pg)
Dwight Howard

Is a 44 win ball team? And I'm the one who is out of my mind huh?

It really depends on the strength of the division you're in.

For example, the Raptors won 47 games in 06-07, with a roster I think is just as weak as ours today. They had a bunch of Euro no defense players. Jose Calderon, Bargnani, Garbajosa. and Anthony Parker. Sam Mitchell won coach of the year. Next season he was fired just like LB.
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