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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by Stinky Dog
Nick Diaz is very capable of beating GSP in a 5 round fight. In a two men enter one man leaves scenario he's as good as any fighter at 170 or maybe even 185.

Based on what? When has he shown that he's as good as anyone at 170? Was it all the wrestlers he lost to? How he arguably lost to Mike Aina? The 5 rounds he went with a decent LW? The other time he got his face rearranged by that LW? Both times he got dropped by Daley? All the weak opponents he been beating over the past 5 years? He's been facing mediocre or washed up or one-dimensional strikers for years. You have to beat good opponents to show you're as good as anyone and he clearly hasn't been doing that.

Nick is born to fight and has blossomed into one of the most skilled fighters on the planet. His cardio/work rate is unmatched by anyone in the sport and his chin is godly.

Cesar Gracie said Diaz isn't motivated anymore, hasn't been training like he used to and isn't in the shape that he used to be in. And, for all the skill he's shown, it's been against mostly weak competition.

I know first hand that he's not a prick at all in RL and actually quite cool.

He was a prick to Ariel Helwani in a recent interview. He really needs to tone it down.

I'm assuming you're referencing Jason Miller? How do you challenge someone and ask them to move up a weight class, lol.

He ducked Jay Hieron, he ducked Mayhem and now he seems to be ducking Tyron Woodley. Mayhem challenged Nick Diaz because he jumped him on national TV. Funny how Noons had to go up a weight class to fight Diaz, how Nick's teammate, Jake Shields, was willing to go up and fight a guy like Hendo, but Nick can't go up. He said he would fight at 185 in an interview and he supposedly wants to fight Anderson Silva, so why not fight Mayhem? Actually, I think he would fight someone like GSP or Jon Fitch (for the right payday), but he seems to be unwilling to fight guys like Mayhem and Woodley. He's supposed to lose to guys like GSP and Fitch, so if he loses, then, well, he was supposed to lose anyway, but at least he got paid. Now, if he were to lose to Woodley, then, well, that's a fight he's not suppose to lose so that would hurt his stock quite a bit, and Mayhem is barely a top 20 MW that could very well beat him.
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