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Default Re: 2011 NBA Playoffs Round 1: Thunder vs Nuggets

Originally Posted by PBJ_Time
No, that's a fair price man. They are going for more than that. I may get them from you if you haven't sold them by tomorrow. We have 6 season tickets split between family members. I'm sure I'll get a ticket or two, but I don't know to what games yet, so I'm trying to find out. If I don't get one for Sunday, I'll hit you up for yours if you haven't sold them yet.
Hit me up. There's 1 on the Thunder ticketexchange right now 313L for 33 (about 45 after ticketmaster rapes you with random fees). I'm thinking about grabbing it because I anticipate cashing in big on my 102QQ, selling the pair I mentioned, and still needing a ticket for myself. I might risk it though and wait til gametime and try to catch one of the scalpers outside or last minute change of plan type guys.

Even if I don't get a ticket, for the playoff they do the "Thunder Alley" thing where they put the big screen up on the Cox Convention Center next door, have $1 longnecks, and all types of games and things including the pregame/postgame going on right outside the arena so that's still always fun.

NM on that 313L, just went ahead and jumped on it. But the game on Sunday is at 8:30 which kind of sucks for people like me who have a long frive also to get there because you figure we won't be getting out until about 11:00-11:15, then I got another 1.5hrs or so before I get home, even longer though because I always stop at Chikasha Wal Mart and get groceries then go to Dairy Queen and get a peanut buster parfait

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