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Default Re: 2011 NBA Playoffs Round 1: Thunder vs Nuggets

Originally Posted by kurple
Why even say this? NO ONE is seriously thinking the Nuggets even have a shot at the championship (other than Hollinger)

How many teams have won without defense? And Knicks fans actually believe they have a shot at a championship
Nope, i don't think that either. There are as many people saying Denver will win this year as NY will win btw. So if you want to say everyone is delusional, i'm in.

George Karl said this new team is better because the new players are more proffesional, because they work harder, because they listen to him, etc. Basically everything he said implied the team before did not. He was being asked what makes this team special and every answer was a veiled shot at the last team. It was uncalled for. Denver fans i'm sure won't care as much (nor should you) because Melo wanted out, so why care. BUT there were so many subliminals - i didn't get it.
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