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Default Re: The *OFFICIAL* Europe vs. Canada thread

Originally Posted by Doko
I don't have any name to call out, you're the mod, it's your job to decide when someone needs to be disciplined.
You are really active when it comes to complaints about pro-Bargnani posts, I just wish you were this active also when it comes to insults to the players and/or to the posters.

@bada bing: one thing that sets me apart from you is that I don't call people names and that I always try to be respectful when I post. that's a precondition for every civilized discussion, something that you clearly lack.

honestly, if you are so bothered by everything on this forum you are free to leave. I mean no one cares that you sit there and cry and whine about everything. If you really do not like the mods the notable and old posters on this site then just go away. I am sure no one besides FC and lilbutthole will care if you leave.
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