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Default Re: Game 82 Hawks @ Bobcats 4/13/11 8pm

Originally Posted by onewickedlady
It's going to be a lllooonnnggg off-season. It always is. Even when there isn't a pending lock-out.
BTW--rumor is that Tyson Chandler may be available. Maybe. Would we want him back?


Chandler started for the Mavs pretty much the entire season and Cuban isn't know to let his players go to save money. If he's a good contributor (which he was), he'll get a better contract with the Mavs than he can get anywhere else. Barring any weird rules from the new CBA negotiations he is staying put.

And I wouldn't want him back period. I never felt like he gave his best effort while with Charlotte or really wanted to be here. I'd much rather keep Kwamay at a reasonable price if that is in any way possible and take a chance on backups.
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