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Default Re: The *OFFICIAL* Europe vs. Canada thread

But also, to elaborate on Chambs post, and to respond more directly to Doko's last post, I agree with Chambs. We may have the "mod" in our title, but at the end of the day we are just posters with opinions just like the rest of you. Now, I would be able to see where your point was coming from if we selectively deleted content based on who we liked or who's opinion we liked. But I think to basically say "you're a mod, so you're just supposed to moderate. you're not allowed to have an opinion" is a little off. We all post, we all have opinions, and I think our "job" is pretty much just to keep things basketball related and make sure they don't get too out of hand. Having different opinions, and having basketball debates are what a forum is all about. The reason i've got on you and FC specifically is because people give basketball arguments and the 2 of you start going off about what people think about Europe, even though that has nothing to do with what has been said. And that really instigates a lot of the arguments and comments that you receive in return. Are those comments right? No. But I think stopping the problem at the source, would keep it from snowballing into something it doesn't need to be.

As for bada bing, he has actually messaged me more than once about how frustrating the Europe/Bargnani debates are getting him and i've told him to tone it down. And all I can keep saying is that we're trying our best to get people to cut the crap. But yes bada bing, since Doko can't say this to you himself, try not to give personal insults and in return, Doko and FC will chill out with the Europe/racism/igorance/stupid white american comments and keep their posts purely basketball related.

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