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Default Re: 2011 NBA Playoffs Round 1: Spurs vs Grizzlies

Originally Posted by Nastradamus
This isn't a great matchup for SA, that's for sure. Their experience will probably save the day for them, but if Manu isn't effective, it could be a lot closer. Conley,Allen and Mayo should be able to do a good job on Parker and Hill and Battier should take away Jefferson pretty much. He also brings a ton of experience and grit to the table, smarts too as he's amongst the best at film break down. the key is up front. I think Memphis may be able to straight bang on SA. Gasol is going to make Duncan work on both ends with his brute physicality and skill level, which is solid. Randolph could potentially go nuts with Blair having to guard him and Arthur and Hadaddi have provided nice depth behind them.

If Gay was healthy, I think Memphis might do it, but I don't know if they have the scoring to get it done, unless Mayo averages 20 or more. That isn't impossible I suppose. With Gay to pair with Randolph and Mayo as more of a compliment and X factor, they'd have plenty of firepower, as Gasol and Conley do well in the 3rd/4th options rolls. The way Allen is playing can't be discounted and Allen and Battier's experience and D can't be discounted come playoff time either. I picked SA in 6, but its one to watch, especially with Manu.

OJ Mayo was born ready for this. Let's do this.
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