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Default Re: 2011 NBA Playoffs Round 1: Mavericks vs Trail Blazers

Originally Posted by RoseCity07
Aldridge got bumped going across the lane a few times, and trying to get offensive boards, he was pushed in the back a few times.

Anyway, watching the highlights, I wonder if using Patty Mills for stretched could burn Jason Kidd out. Andre Miller didn't make Jason Kidd work at all on offense or defense.

There are games within games. I think we need to get some quick guys off our bench and get the other teams defenders working a bit.

i do agree. i was wondering when nate was going to play patty mills. portland went through an 8 man rotation, which is not what they are accustomed to running. it looked like nate wanted to keep his rotations tight. the mavs were able to give their bench minutes. i think the bench rotations and kidd vs miller are the 2 key points throughout this series.
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