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Default Re: 2011 NBA Playoffs Round 1: Mavericks vs Trail Blazers

Originally Posted by leopoldstotch
i do agree. i was wondering when nate was going to play patty mills. portland went through an 8 man rotation, which is not what they are accustomed to running. it looked like nate wanted to keep his rotations tight. the mavs were able to give their bench minutes. i think the bench rotations and kidd vs miller are the 2 key points throughout this series.
Mills? Maybe in very short spurts but the stints I have seen on him, he is fast but just overpenetrates and gets blocked or too far under the rim and jumps to pass and can't find anybody. I'd add that wrinkle, but also toy with putting Roy at the 1 for short stretches (w/ Matthews, Batum, Crash, LA) or Camby in that lineup too and he can bring the ball up, make a pass to someone on the wing, then duck into the post on JKidd.
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