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Default Re: 2011 NBA Playoffs Round 1: Magic vs Hawks

Originally Posted by GOBB
I dont think Orlando has a ball distributor that they need to set the table so to speak. Not just for Dwight but for everyone else. I also dont think they have many besides Jameer who can create their own offense. The ball movement in Orlando isnt great when Howard is in the middle. That said, I think he has to cut back on his turnovers as well. 8 turnovers and I thought until I was corrected that those consisted of those 3 second violations he racked up. But they dont. That is possessions you're giving back to the other team. Thats never a good thing. Also never a good thing teams design a gameplan to allow you to get your numbers and shut down the rest. Not a new phenonmenon. But I've never seen that done to Shaq, Duncan. Of course Dwight is neither player but to be considered the most dominant big that you would start a team with? Eh, what gives?
maybe Dwights just a black hole
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