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Default Re: 2011-12 Jazz could play big-man musical chairs

Even Tim Duncan and Richard Jefferson told Big Al they were impressed by the Millsap-Favors-Jefferson combo when the Jazz recently played the Spurs.

"I think it'd be a weapon for us to get big as a group of guys with different guys playing different positions," said Corbin, adding that it's a way to fight height when you don't have a dominant 7-foot-2 center patrolling the paint.

As for Millsap, Corbin admitted his usual starting power forward occasionally struggled to guard players in the corner he was used to staying inside, after all. But Millsap made strides in defending the perimeter by closing out on guys and not allowing them to blow by him. He's also done a decent job on transition defense.

"He's getting better at it," Corbin said. "And I feel very comfortable with him playing the 3 spot now
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