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Default Re: 2011 NBA Playoffs Round 1: Thunder vs Nuggets preview

Originally Posted by OKCThunderUP
I can agree with that. Not only because it put them up one but the momentum it gave OKC and the fans.

I'm just happy Felton was an idiot and Gallo had that turnover and Denver's play down the stretch offensively wasn't any good. You could blame it on the momentum switching but that's far too subjective. If Denver played great down the stretch and OKC matched it, and the only thing that seperated them was that one bucket It would have ruined the series for me. Atleast this way you can look beyond that awful call(that did change the game) and look at Denver's late game execution.

Ball needs to be with Lawson and not Felton imo. Lawson probably would have got something for Nene where as Felton kinda forced those 2 shots for himself.
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