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Default Re: A Game of Thrones

Originally Posted by Godzuki
It was okay i guess but its too early to tell how good its going to be. Every time i see that one guy i keep thinking of LOTR, i think he was Boromir? Its hard not to type cast him as a LOTR dude.

I spoiled myself with the Wiki, only for Game of Thrones, where it sort of explained what was happening in the first episode but really didn't give a conclusion, altho i guess there are other books. I wonder if they're going to fight dragons/monsters, or have magic swords and stuff, altho the current direction of the show seems to be way more about intrigue.

you almost have to read up on wiki or hbo's website to get a full understanding of everything, there are so many characters and houses, not to mention the events in the past have everything to do with why things are the way they are right now. the first few chapters will be slower to introduce everything.

there are dragons and other types of fantasy creatures in the series, but it is very subdued. this is more grounded in reality then other fantasy books, so you won't be seeing wizards slinging magic around and stuff like that. the first half of the book is definitely mostly political intrigue, but the action will pick up once the secrets start coming out.
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