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Default Re: A Game of Thrones

renewed, so we know that we will at least get through 2 books

Game of Thrones Renewed for a Second Season
Winter is coming again! HBO already made the decision to renew Game of Thrones for a second season, after the first episode garnered an estimated 4.2 million gross viewers on premiere night.

(I'm guessing the "gross" thing refers not to the personal hygiene of the viewers, but to the fact that HBO showed the episode several times the first night, and they're adding up all the showings.)

Of course, it'll be interesting to see how much the viewership goes down for the second and third episodes a lot of people were probably curious about the show and checked it out, but may or may not come back for more insane violence and sprawling backstory.

Meanwhile, Game of Thrones is so popular, fansite Westeros has gone down due to increased traffic. [L.A. Times]
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