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Default Post a pic of yourself

Hi fellow Knicks fans, maybe it's just me but I have noticed that come playoff time we (I mean the number of Knicks fans who post on ISH) are sort of sticking together much more than during regular season.
While the somewhat calm waves of the regular season saw us often arguing on who's the better player, what do we need, did the trade work out well etc, the competitive wind of the post season is uniting us against the opponent green tide (and hopefully further like a tsunami on South Beach).

So I've grown more curious about us all. I know more or less who we are and where we live and what we do, but i'd like to actually know the faces of my fellow Knicks fans.

Now, I know I should lead by example and post my pic first of all but i'm actually on my mobile so I can't.
I will asap.
In the meantime, if you feel like it, please go ahead and show yourselves.
If you don't feel like it, ignore this stupid (and a bit drunken) thread.

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