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Default Re: 4/20: Denver @ OKC - Game 2

Originally Posted by drizzy0503
I see no heart or fire from Denver right now. Thought they would come out firing on all cylinders, with Game 1 being close and feeling like they got robbed, but they really fell flat. On top of that, 94% of teams that win first two games of series go on to win the series. Just give the series to OKC.

That's basically all I saw. Denver was down 26 at one point. The only positive thing Denver can take away from this game is the fact that they kept fighting and trying to get back into it. They had about 2-3 chances where the lead was cut down to 13-10 and they simply couldn't score, kept coming up empty.

Denver just needs to defend HC. People forget that all the pressure in these series are on the better team to win there 2 games at home. Denver wins the 3rd game and the series is only 2-1.

Still have OKC in 6.
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