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Default Re: GAME THREAD: Game 3, HEAT @ 76ers | 4/21/11

Originally Posted by Heat007
don't know why people say this as all year Wade/Bron/Bosh get to the line 25 times a game... alone just the 3 of them as two attack the rack very frequently and another is a highly skilled and very quick player for his position (and those guys get fouled)

on the other hand the Sixers have been the worst team in the league this season for foul discrepancy. They have a very hard time drawing fouls because they're a jumpshooting team, and defensively they foul a lot as they are weak in interior defense.

so there is nothing unusual with the foul count as all season they are par for the course for their respective teams (and styles)

Game one: Sixers had 35 FGA within 10 feet, Miami had 25.

So that argument won't work.
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