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Default Re: Philosophers prove existence of God and why you should be a person of faith

Im a Anthropologie major at a very respectable University (ty, ty).
Anyways, there is an equation that proves that Mutation, Evolution etc. takes place whether you religious dudes like it or not...Now introducing, Hardy-Weinberg Equlibrium

"In population genetics, the Hardy–Weinberg principle (HWP) (also Hardy–Weinberg equilibrium (HWE), or Hardy–Weinberg law), named after G. H. Hardy and Wilhelm Weinberg, states that, under certain conditions, after one generation of random mating, the genotype frequencies at a single gene locus will become fixed at a particular equilibrium value. It also specifies that those equilibrium frequencies can be represented as a simple function of the allele frequencies at that locus.

In the simplest case of a single locus with two alleles A and a with allele frequencies of p and q, respectively, the HWP predicts that the genotypic frequencies for the AA homozygote to be p2, the Aa heterozygote to be 2pq and the other aa homozygote to be q2. The Hardy–Weinberg principle is an expression of the notion of a population in "genetic equilibrium" and is a basic principle of population genetics."

The actual equation can be found if you google it.
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