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Default Re: Piston draft prospects

I don't see us taking a PG any way or any how. Fredette is a Ben Gordon clone more than a Stephen Curry clone and Knight isn't enough value at 7. I think we need a PF too much to avoid one this draft, when a decent PF will be available most likely IMO.

OTOH, it depends on how guys like Knight and Walker test out. How does their athleticism look at the combine, how is their shooting stroke,work ethic, basketball IQ, measurements etc.? Scoring PGs are becoming the way of the league lately, so its possible we may look at one I suppose, if they look like a true All Star caliber player. I highly doubt Kemba or Knight ends up better than Stuckey though. I like Stuckey's size better and they are all similar as scorers really. Stuckey's probably the best defender in the bunch and seems like he may have figured out the PG position finallly, at least a little. It took Chauncey quite a while too.
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