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Default Re: Piston draft prospects

Trust me, I agree. I'm not one of the people who wanted to take a PG. If we do take one I hope it's Knight or Fredette. I've been a Stuckey supporter at PG all along. He put up good numbers this year. The only thing I can think is management must think having Jerebko next to Monroe is better than the other big guys they could draft.... Or maybe they don't have any intention of matching an offer for Stuckey???

I've read up quite a bit on Vesely and he seems like he's pretty legit. I think if he's still available wherever we're picking at Joe D will have a hard time not drafting him. The problem is he's more than likely going to be gone at #7. I like Knights size and athleticism. He put together a pretty good tournament too. He seems like he'll be good at the next level. If we ended up with him I wouldn't be totally disappointed. It's tough to figure this draft class out.
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