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Originally Posted by bdreason
These guys are both turnover machines who can't defend shyt. Both seem fitted for the 6th man role... not starting PG or SG.

This is hilarious because I feel completely opposite now.

Monta has made a turnaround though with his professionalism, work ethic, and attitude. In 2009 he was a mess, and I wanted him gone.

Curry has turned out way better than I expected. He still has problems with turnovers and defending larger guards... but he's certainly a starting caliber PG.

As for keeping them both, I'm actually on the wall. Beginning of this season I wanted to move Monta and keep Curry, and I didn't think they could coincide. However, now I think I'm okay with keeping them both unless we get GREAT value for shipping Monta, which isn't going to happen.

I think if we address our overall depth, that this starting 5 can make the Playoffs out West, and be a scary team in the Playoffs with a great homecourt advantage. If Epke can turn into a solid defensive 5, all we need to do is add some depth at PG (sorry Lin) and SF/PF and we can compete with anyone.

Curry / upgrade
Monta / Williams
Wright / Thornton?
Lee / Amundson / upgrade
Udoh / Biedrins

We need more scoring on the frontline. I'm pretty sure our starters played more minutes than anyone in the league because nobody on the frontline from our bench can put the ball in the hoop.
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