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Default Re: April 24, Playoffs round 1, Lakers at Hornets Game 4

Originally Posted by DMAVS41
Uhhhhhh. Bynum hasn't been as important as Odom until this year.

And you had Bynum last year. You didn't have him in 08 and lost.

I give anything to see Butler on the floor 25 minutes a game like Bynum played last year.

Hulk blatantly making crap up again.

Bynum played 23 games in 09 and 10 in the playoffs. He averaged 17 and 24 minutes respectively.

And even had no ****ing chance to beat the Celtics last year if Bynum had missed that series. are a joke. Please get banned. You ruin this board.

A 25% bynum is not a bynum. More like a liability you fool!
Second of all. Bynum played only about a quarter (mostly the first) in the entire boston series.
This is the first post-season we actually have a healthy bynum that can contribute.

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