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Default Re: April 24, Playoffs round 1, Lakers at Hornets Game 4

Originally Posted by Hulk Hogan
We still went to the finals without Bynum.
Mavs can't even get out the first round.

What relevance does this have? We all know the Lakers are much better than the Mavs.

Is anyone claiming otherwise? Hulk, you need to start using your brain. Every discussion should not ultimately end with you talking about how many rings the Lakers or Kobe has.

Its really pathetic man.

We were discussing the impact of missing the 2nd or 3rd best player on a team. The impact can be enormous in my opinion. Great teams like the Lakers can overcome it to an extent. Good teams like the Mavs can't really overcome it.

Not sure your point. So the Mavs wouldn't have a much better chance in this series or potentially in the 2nd round without our 2nd best player? Its just laughable. This Mavs team is sorely missing Butler's ability to create his own shot and his perimeter defense.

I'm trying to give you a chance man, but you really are just useless and can't stay remotely consistent.

You constantly claim how badly Dirk sucks and say how awful he's playing in this series. But do you do that with Kobe? Kobe is actually playing worse than Dirk after 4 games now.

Nobody is saying Dirk is playing great. He's clearly not. But neither is Kobe. Have I said that Kobe sucks? No. Have I said Kobe is mentally weak? No. Have i said Kobe is a choker? No.

So if you are going to say all those constantly about other players....prepare for them when Kobe doesn't play well.


23/5/4 on 42/36/78......not great....and he hasn't been the best player in the series so far.

So STFU about other players if you aren't going to take the same stance with Kobe.
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