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Default Re: April 24, Playoffs round 1, Lakers at Hornets Game 4

Originally Posted by DMAVS41
I saw it. Of course its not true.

I do take issue with you saying that injuries don't play a role. Especially when your team has had some injury issues over the last few years.

Caron Butler is the 2nd best player on our team. No, he's not as important as Gasol, but he's probably a little more important to us than Odom is to the Lakers.

Imagine the Lakers trying to win this series, let alone the title without Odom.

That was my point and I stand by it. Its not an excuse or anything...just stating the reality of the Mavs and the importance of Butler.

It's the first round. Obviously losing a player like Odom would put the margin of error at next to zero, but they'd still be favorites to beat the Hornets.

I just don't think it's fair to say, "Oh, well it's not really an upset if the Mavericks lose to the Blazers because Butler's hurt." That's a cop out. The Blazers don't have their starting center and their franchise player is clearly not healthy. Injuries happen.
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