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Default Re: April 25, Playoffs round 1, Blazers at Mav Game 5

Originally Posted by RoseCity07
The game 4 is great, and I'll remember it all summer. Tonight though, just showed we aren't a team that is going anywhere this year. Chandler getting 20 boards, Mavs getting lay ups and our defenders not getting back.

Yeah we win games in Portland because the Mavericks are terrified playing in Portland. We can't win there though because we don't have shooters.

Rudy is strictly a 3 point shooter, yet he shoots like 20%, it's a joke.

We need to get some real shooters on here, and be a better rebounding team. Hopefully Oden finally does get healthy.

I don't really care one way or another if we win game 6. Tonight was the game we needed. Shouldn't feel to bad, neither Portland or Dallas will win it all after this series.

Rudy is bound to have a ridiculous role, he is a player that likes to run in transition, who liked to penetrate and fancy passes, and that could create his own shot. But that has not been allowed in Portland, McMillan wanted to make a player that he is not. A player that must remain in the corner 90% of the time, and barely touches the ball, and that also has to defend a player much shorter and faster than him. That is the antithesis of the game that Rudy could deliver. I'm sure he might be having a much more important role on other teams. I understand that Portland fans are disgusted with their performance, but must understand that the role to which he is subjected is not the most optimal for their virtues. He never was a three-point shooter, at least not a specialist. And never will be as productive as a true specialist. Probably, he never had to refuse to be moved. I think both he and the team would have been benefited.
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