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Default Trail Blazers pissed off by Brian Cadinal screen

The Trail Blazers are upset that Cardinal applied a very hard screen on guard Patrick Mills on Monday with about 13 seconds left in Game 5. Tempers flared after the game was over with guard Wesley Matthews, Mills and some other Blazers shouting some unpleasant words at Cardinal. But Cardinal said the Blazers are the ones at fault. He noted that the game was already settled, but Mills was applying heavy man-to-man pressure defense to guard J.J. Barea in the backcourt as he was bringing the ball up the floor. Fort Worth Star-Telegram

In that situation, normally no one guards anyone, the clock runs out and the teams go to their respective dressing rooms. Cardinal said if Mills doesn't pick up Barea full court, "I'm going to be standing on the court waiting for the clock to run out and the buzzer to sound. "Patty, if they're mad, they should be mad at Earl [Barron] or [Nicolas] Batum or whoever else was in the game that should have called out that screen." Fort Worth Star-Telegram
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