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Default Re: April 27th, Playoffs Round 1, Sixers @ Heat Game 5

Originally Posted by Kingwillball
Here is some highlights from Lebron THIS season and yes there was still explosion.. I have not seen this type of explosion since the all star break or maybe that 5 game losing streak..maybe there was an ever so slight decline from a couple yrs ago to start the season but since 4 or 5 weeks ago the decline alot more dramatic..this supports my theory he has some sort of injury or he is just worn down right now.

I dont know whats wrong but he surely looks slower and less explosive. Especially now after the all star break as you said. Do you remember last night a play where Wade throw a long pass and Lebron and one of the sixers players started sprinting to the ball. I was sure that Lebron is gonna outrun him easily and dunk it but the outcome was totally different. They both get to the ball at the same time and Lebron missed a layup

Look at this clip, how fast and how much better his two leg jump is. Look at the dunk at the 0.15, how far away from the basket he is and he takes off of two feet and dunks it. Also look at the last dunk how fast he is, there is no way in hell that Bosh cathes him...
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