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Default Re: 76ers win over Heat - what it means...

Originally Posted by bokes15
I agree with what you're saying to a certain extent, but the Pistons were better than the current Sixers at almost every roster spot. They didn't have a superstar but they did have multiple all-stars.

Yes agreed - but you are also comparing the current 76er roster to the "prime piston roster". I am suggesting that Ike Brand and their 2 young guns "could be" like that roster. Time injuries etc will tell of course.

I was of the opinion TO needed to use the CB4 cap exception to add 2 pieces - 2nd choice stars (Ike being a good example).

I guess I am admitting I am wholy wrong and like the direction of finding those guys like Lou Williams (Demar Derozan) who develope into clutch players.
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