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Default Re: April 27th, Playoffs Round 1, Denver @ OKC Game 5

Originally Posted by 50inchvertical
I don't like Afflalo. He seems to think he is way better than he is, though give him props for coming back form his hammy injury. But he literally got blocked every time but 1 that he tried to drive, literally Serge was just eating them shitz for dinner. Get your nonathletic arse back on the perimeter.

Even though he had a terrible shooting series (likely tired legs from chasing Durant), I like Chandler. I want the Thunder to try to throw their MLE at him, he'd be a much better version of Thabo. Also, if we have any money left I want to pursue KMart. He's volatile at times, but he knows how to play and he would further cement our frontcourt as just beastly on the defensive end.

Waive Royal Ivey and BJ Mullens. Give Cole Aldrich a few games and if he can't do nothing, bounce. Nate Robinson likely isn't coming back. I want a 3rd pg, especially a taller one who can play alongside Russ so see what Sactown is doing with Marquis Daniels.

Your an idiot
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