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Default Re: hawkfan prediction: Hawks will beat Chicago in 6

Originally Posted by STR8OUTACHICAGO
And that's why the Bulls blew you guys out in nearly every game?

The Hawks lost the last 6 games of the season, and yet we beat the Magic.

And the Magic crushed us in the playoffs last year.

Yea, it will be tough against the Bulls.

But personnel wise, we have a great chance.

I can't wait to watch Collins, Pachulia, Powell, Armstrong and Thomas beat up and wear down Boozer, like what happened with Howard.

The key will be Jeff Teague. Great defensive player, horrible on offense. He is the only guy who has the foot speed to stay in front of Rose without giving him an open jump shot.

Another key will be Deng. Can he get his shot off against Smith, who can play him one on one?

Horford with his much improved jump shot will be able to pull Noah out of the middle. And if the Bulls put Boozer on Horford, then Al will get 25-30 per night, since Boozer's defense is so bad.
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