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Default Re: 2011 Playoffs second round preview of Bulls vs Hawks

Bulls in 6.

The physical and pressure packed 1st round match up with Indy was a great experience for the Bulls.


You put way to much stock into the Hawks stopping Boozer. Like others have said already, Boozer has been STRUGGLING since well before the playoffs started.

Did you see Game 5 when he played 16 minutes and had 2 points while the Bulls put up 116 while holding the Pacers to 89???

Taj Gibson is an above average defender and much more hardworking than Booz. Coach Thibs isn't afraid to yank Boozer out of a game just because he is a "star".

Hawks have a lot of talent at multiple positions but the Bulls will silence the doubters here and win in 6. Bulls have just as much talent with just as much size if not more, plus better chemistry, better coaching, better defense and rebounding .
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